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Adhesives & Caulk

Premier Adhesives by NorthStar Chemicals, a 3M Company, are designed to provide superior tack and reliability and surpass the needs of today's woodworking market. Formulated with the highest solids in the industry, Premier Adhesives are easy to use and designed to provide more consistent performance in a wider range of application conditions than other adhesives in the industry.

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RAUBOND hot melt and adhesives can be easily applied with any hotmelt edgebander.

    Universal EVA adhesive
  • Available for different applications in both granules and cartridges
  • High tack, wide operating temperatures
  • Long open time for maximum flexibility during the production process

  • Raubond Granulate are available in white and natural in 55 lb bags
  • Raubond Cartridge are available in white and natural in 35l lb boxes

FormFill Adhesive & Caulk is a water-based Acrylic Latex caulking specifically designed for perimeter caulking for countertops, fixtures, furniture, and custom closet installations. It is stocked in all the available Pionite colors in 5.5 oz. squeeze tubes.