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Particleboard & MDF

We stock variety of sizes and thicknesses from some of the industries' leading manufacturers. Our industrial grade particleboard is designed to be used in a variety of applications including countertops, cabinets, fixtures and furniture.

Made from predominately Ponderosa pine, it is renowned for its machining performance and edge integrity.

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Standard of quality, uniformity and consistency. Ideal for laminating and machining applications.

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Whether you need a MDF that gives you a superior performance for machining and painting or one that gives a premium performance at a great value, we can fill your needs. Below is information on the two high-quality manufacturer's products that we stock.

Georgia-Pacific MDF is uniquely formulated for maximum production that provides an exceptional value.

Standard MDF

UltraStock™ Premium MDF combines super-refined fiber resources and proven production processes to produce defect-free panels with the machinability and finishing characteristics you need for maximum efficiency.

Lite MDF

UltraStock™ Lite MDF is perfect for reducing the weight of ready-to-assemble products and it lowers the repetitive stress on machine operators at the same time. And since UltraStock Lite is less dense, it generates less machine wear, too.

Moisture-resistant MDF

UltraStock-MR MDF is perfect for sink bases, dishwasher enclosures, and a variety of wet-area residential applications. It's also suitable for laboratories, locker rooms, laundry areas, and cafeterias of schools, industrial facilities and other public buildings where wetness or high humidity are a factor.

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Uniboard MDF has become the industry benchmark for all types of applications including deep machining, painting or any type of lamination. Superior surface quality, uniform density, precisely controlled thicknesses and sanding smoothness are just some of the qualities that set us apart.

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