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Pionite Laminates

More Possibilities. Pionite® High Pressure Laminates come in a vast array of colors, wood grains, abstracts, finishes and custom prints making this an ideal surface for almost any horizontal or vertical application. Our extensive palette, quality manufacturing standards and innovative style makes it the first choice for many designers when specifying for a project. Having over a dozen specialty products and treatments, you’ll find the exact material to match your environment's needs. With Pionite® HPL, the possibilities are virtually endless.

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Standard Laminate

Whether your project calls for a high-quality decorative laminate for residential use or a specialty surface that can withstand the extremes of a commercial environment, Pionite has the solution you need.

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The Indulgence Collection

13 Exquisite Woodgrains & 8 Intriguing Abstracts

The Indulgence Collection™ is designed to inspire new applications, create memorable environments, and transcend conventional boundaries.

The 21 new patterns in the Indulgence Collection™ are about imagination, collaboration, and innovation. We’ve developed these designs to help you achieve your vision, placing visual harmony and compatibility at the forefront. Indulge yourself at the intersection of what is desired and what is possible.

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Pionite Color Options

Pionite knows the power of color. Our HPL line features 210 colors and patterns carefully chosen to make your vision came alive.

Pionite Finish Options

Pionite products are available in a range of finishes designed for virtually any interior, cabinetry or furniture specification.

Ashwood Fine wood finish with a cathedral grain. Embossed wood grain finish.
Barnboard Linear wood grain.
Crystal Fine pebble grained finish, with a medium gloss/Subtle dimensional with high light reflectivity.
Embossed Leather Provides the supple beauty of aged leather.
Embossed Slate Deeply embossed slate finish.
Gloss High gloss, smooth finish.
Granite Polished textured finish.
Hi-Brite Smoothly textured furniture finish.
Line Z Deeply embossed, linear wood grain finish.
Linen Embossed, cloth-like finish.
Medium Gloss Medium gloss, smooth finish.
Soft Leather Finely grained leather finish.
StoneX Combined natural and polished surface.
Suede Low gloss, textured finish.
Super Matte Smooth, non-reflective finish.
Velvet A smooth, finely grained finish.
Wood Essence Natural-appearing, linear wood grain finish.

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