Plywood & Veneer

States Industries LLC brings the beauty and warmth of natural hardwoods and premium softwoods to designers, manufacturers and consumers alike. Architects and designers and manufacturers of cabinets, furniture, commercial casework and store fixtures depend on States’ panels and component parts to create beautiful, timeless and environmentally responsible products.

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We stock Hardwood Plywood in these species:

UV Prefinished Maple

Beautiful, durable finish resists scratches and chips. Finished surface reduces labor time, increasing productivity and efficiency. Advanced sanding technology for a smoother, more beautiful appearance. UV finished surface reduces VOC emissions. Regional finishing facilities for consistent availability and prompt delivery. Available in a variety of core thicknesses and hardwood face and back combinations for numerous design options.


ApplePly® is a premium quality hardwood plywood manufactured by States Industries. With its attractive and eyecatching edge, ApplePly is great for use as a primary design element in furniture, fixtures and architectural interiors. Constructed from uniform laminations of solid grade 1/16" Birch, this all-hardwood core panel is strong and lightweight with a minimum number of voids. ApplePly also machines beautifully without tearing or fuzzing.

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Brookside Veneers has become the industry leader in the marketing and distribution of fine composite veneer products. Our veneers are defect free, easy to work with and unparalleled for consistency in grain and color. We maintain a standing inventory of nearly fifty composite veneers, a wide range of conventional veneers, and we can work with you to create your own customized patterns.

Brookline® Veneer

Brookline® veneer is the foundation of our entire line of veneer products. As you will see in the pages that follow, Brookline® is produced from a solid laminated block of dyed veneer. When sliced, each block yields 25” x 11’3” or 25” x 8’3” sheets of veneer, depending on the pattern. We recommend using a hot or cold press to bond Brookline® to the proper substrate. (Custom sizes available.)

Brookline® Paperback Veneers

Bonded through heat and pressure to a variety of backings, the backed veneers are stress-relieved, sanded and trimmed. The resulting product is an extremely flexible veneer that is ideal for laminating to curved or flat surfaces.


We produce Braewood® by laminating Brookline® veneer to a paper impregnated with phenolic resin. The resulting product can be fabricated with the ease of a decorative laminate and requires only light sanding before finishing.

Braewood® Prefinished

This line of Braewood® is finished with a specially designed matte polyurethane coating. The process yields a durable, transparent coating which is resistant to water and heat. Each sheet is post-formable and available with a protective peel sheet.

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Custom Selexions 2 is a diverse collection of composite veneers from Alpi® that is offered exclusively through our quick ship Veneer Express Program. Veneer Express is an easy way to bring you an exceptionally wide variety of Alpi veneers in just 2 - 3 weeks (under normal conditions).

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Bond Plywood currently stocks 10 mil and 20 mil paperback veneer 4' x 8'. We have access to over 200 species available in just a few days. Many are available in larger sheet sizes, phenolic-back, wood-back or pressure sensitive.

We stock Hardwood Veneer in these species: